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Our claims app helps motor claims to be recorded quickly, accurately and effectively

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Managing a motor fleet can be a challenge, particularly when it comes to dealing with potential claims for a number of vehicles and drivers.

We wanted to find a solution to make claims reporting more efficient, cutting down on unnecessary paperwork to avoid delays in the process.

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We’re delighted to see our very own app live on both the App Store and Google play.


How our Claims App works

Individual transport managers and their drivers can download and use the app. This means drivers themselves are able to submit all the details of a claim directly to us, eliminating the need for transport or fleet managers to coordinate the process.

It’s quick and easy to register – we just need drivers to enter basic details once they’ve installed the app. This includes information such as company name and driving licence information, to make sure we can identify the individual driver as and when they make a claim.

That means, if a driver is involved in an incident, they can register a new claim immediately. Though a claim can be submitted after the time of the incident via the app, we recommend the app is used at the scene of the accident so we can capture the drivers’ GPS location.

The app covers all aspects of a motor claim, including:

  • Driver and vehicle details
  • Time and date stamp with GPS locator
  • Full incident reporting including damage details and chance to upload photos of the scene
  • Third party driver, vehicle or property details
  • Witness details
  • Ability to upload dashcam and telematics recording

If a driver doesn’t have 3G/4G or WiFi when submitting a claim, or they run out of battery whilst trying to submit a claim, our app makes sure the claims data is stored on the drivers’ phone and submitted when connection is restored.

This information is then sent to the Romero Insurance Brokers claims team, who will receive an automatic notification. We’re then able to work with our customers’ insurer to settle the claim quickly and efficiently.

Our Claims App in practice

One 750-vehicle fleet used to report just 20% of accidents and incidents within one day. This increased to 87% after deploying our app to all its drivers.

Other fleet and transport managers have used the technology to report claims from over a month prior to implementing the app. That’s because our app is much simpler and faster than other, more traditional methods.

The results

Across over 3,000 claims, 81% of claims were reported within 24 hours via the app. When you consider that, by telephone, less than 20% of claims were reported within 24 hours, this is a tremendous difference!

Research looking into use of the app showed:

  • 23% of claims were made within 10 minutes of the claim occurring
  • 30% of claims were made within 30 minutes of the claim occurring
  • 100% of drivers included their own vehicle details
  • 95% of drivers captured third party details
  • 5% captured witness details

Estimates suggest that, for a 750-vehicle fleet, the Claims App would save £80,000 in claims costs. That’s because more detailed, accurate and immediate information gives our claims team the best possible opportunity to settle a claim efficiently. Providing early notification to insurers increases the chances of an insurer handling all elements of a claim as quickly as possible, reducing the need for additional costs such as solicitor fees.

What fleet managers say about our Claims App

Our app makes the claims process much easier for individual drivers, but the main benefit is provided to fleet and transport managers. Instead of dealing with dozens of laborious claims, the Romero claims team receives all the information they need to secure a settlement quickly.

We’ve been using the Claims App for a few months now and it’s been great. The App is easy to use, very driver friendly, gives us instant information and helps us focus on getting on with business. Our claims reporting time is less than a day which is great for keeping claims costs down. Overall we think it’s a great tool for helping drivers, keeps everyone informed and is a big benefit when it comes to defending claims.

Fleet Manager, Larger Commercial Fleet

Download the Romero Claims App today!

We’re delighted to see our very own app live on both the App Store and Google play.


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