Why employee feedback is key to building a successful business.

It’s important to give your workforce a voice. That’s why we’re partnering with TINYpulse to provide a platform for gathering employee feedback.

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Why employee feedback is important to your employees

Employees should know your business inside out. We spend a third of our lives at work, after all, so it makes sense the people working for your business care about what’s going on.

Employees who feel valued are proven to have a higher level of workplace satisfaction. Coming to work each day knowing opinions will be listened to, and changes implemented, ensures employees feel respected. If the workplace is constantly evolving and improving there’s a wider sense of positive improvement and growth, too. All things add up to creating a great workplace culture.

Utilising employee feedback to enhance your business

Giving employees the empowerment to speak out can uncover some great ideas. The people who use your business tools, work with your clients, walk through your doors every day (or five days out of seven, anyway) are likely to have the inside track on what could make your business even better. Listening to feedback and trialling new ideas could uncover the next big thing for your business.

Plus, employees with higher workplace wellbeing generally perform better while at work. Each year the UK loses up to 27 days of productive time per employee due to wellbeing-related issues. On the flipside, employees who feel their feedback is heard are 4.6 times more likely to try and perform their best. So the real question is: can your business afford not to put wellbeing at the top of its agenda?

What’s TINYpulse all about?

TINYpulse is an employee engagement platform that gathers feedback and ideas from the entire workforce. Every few weeks the team are given just one question to answer – a tiny task that makes a big difference. It’s like an all-staff survey every few weeks, uncovering opinions on everything from happiness at work right through to thoughts on new implementations.

There’s also a facility to give a nod of recognition to colleagues. The ‘Cheers for Peers’ feature allows everyone to celebrate achievements or successes of team members. It’s known that employee recognition fosters a positive workplace culture, strengthens relationships within teams and enhances employee experience. Everyone here is already having fun ‘cheersing’ their team!

Is anonymity the key to truthful employee feedback?

Confidential surveys allow team members to be truly honest. With no right or wrong answers, and no fear of saying a silly suggestion, our team can offer ideas and improvements freely. Members of the management team can respond accordingly, but they won’t know who they’re replying to. An ideal way to get real, honest feedback.

How Romero will use TINYpulse

It’s no secret we’re keen on keeping our team healthy and happy. Employee wellbeing is part of day-to-day life here at Romero and we want to keep it that way. TINYpulse will help us gather important feedback from everyone in the business, so we can continue to build on our successes and try new ideas.

Michael Craggs, HR Business Support Manager, says: “We’re really excited to start sending out our TINYpulse surveys and see what the team comes back with. We want everyone here to feel part of the Romero journey – and with over 180 members of staff sometimes it can be hard keeping track of everyone! This way, all members of staff can stay engaged and the leadership team can keep up to date with the thoughts and viewpoints of everyone in the business.”

Keep in touch with the Romero team

We’re a fun bunch, even if we do say so ourselves. You can catch some behind-the-scenes shots of #LifeAtRomero over on Instagram.

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