Why Do I Need a Broker for Construction Insurance?

What can Romero do for contractors and construction workers?

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The insurance market for the construction industry has hardened rapidly. Liability rates continue to increase, reflecting the spiralling cost of settling injury claims.  Professional indemnity is in crisis following the Grenfell disaster and the continued trend for parties to a project to “lawyer up” when things go wrong.  Construction plant theft is back on the rise with criminals finding ever more sophisticated ways to overcome immobilising and tracking devices.

It has never been more important to choose the right broker to not only get the best possible result from the market, but also to guide and advise you on the risks you face day to day and to ensure that when things do go wrong, the claim is presented and handled in the most advantageous and efficient manner.


The Broker for Construction Insurance


Working with a broker is the best way to bring down your premiums. They will also help protect you against risks of a claim by offering advice and instruction. The advantages of working with a broker are numerous:


  • Their risk management team will assess your risk and give advice on the best ways to mitigate against it.
  • They will document the measures put in place to prevent risk.
  • Brokers will review your health and safety policies, as well as your method statements. They will check the policies are up to date and include all required information.
  • Brokers will review your claims history and claim defensibility, helping to demonstrate to insurers that you are a reliable client.
  • Brokers will develop and test a robust Business Continuity Plan for you.
  • Brokers will formulate a list of your good practices and social responsibility, showing insurers you are an ethical business which can be relied upon.
  • Brokers will help with your renewal, ensuring you get the best deal and policies by reviewing the market.
  • Brokers will know how best to proceed in the event of a claim, be it from you or against you.
  • Brokers understand changes in the market and will warn you when you may need to make alterations to your insurance.
  • Brokers are necessary in this litigious environment; they can help secure cover for the expensive and difficult-to-acquire professional indemnity.


Construction Insurance with Romero


Romero Insurance Brokers are a Chartered Status broker, committed to the highest professional standards. We are one of the largest, truly independent brokers in the UK, offering the best solutions to produce the best results. We are honest and straightforward; dedicated to treating our customers exceptionally.

With almost 25 years’ experience in construction risks and employing highly qualified and experienced specialists, Romero are best placed to advise construction and contracting companies on risk management and insurance.  Our service proposition includes:


  • An in-house claims team, available for immediate action. On hand for no extra cost, you will never be left wondering ‘where’s my broker?’ The Romero claims team are experts in construction insurance law and as well as being there to oversee all claims from start to finish, they will provide regular claims reviews and help with post-loss action to help prevent reoccurrence.
  • Risk management service. We employ qualified surveyors and risk managers, ready to assess your risks, advise on how best to mitigate against possible claims and help with regulatory compliance.
  • A great relationship with insurers. We are able to negotiate a good policy with reasonable premiums because of our relationship with insurers, built over multiple years.
  • Strong insurer relationships. We are dedicated to getting the best possible results from the market for our customers, fostering relationships with underwriters that in some cases span decades.  Having this trusting partnership is vital in a tough market.
  • Personal account management.  At Romero, we pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients.  Our team of account executives and account handlers will not only help you to understand the risks you face and propose solutions, they will be there to support you and your business in any way they can.


We are proud of what we do for our clients. Our service is internationally renowned and award-winning; we are the 2020 Insurance Times Independent Broker of the Year. We became the only broker to with this prestigious award three times, having done so previously in 2019 and 2014.   Be sure you are getting the best by working with Romero.


Learn more about the professional indemnity crisis currently rocking the construction industry.



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