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Leadership, Management and Growth over 12 Months


As part of our 2023 insights initiative at Romero Insurance Brokers, we will be highlighting team leaders across the Romero Group. Over 12 months, The Romero Group will showcase 12 important figures, each from different departments and different disciplines.

We will ask our experts about their roles and responsibilities within the company, including their attitude and approach to work. We’ll also ask them to share their tip for achieving fulfilment and workplace success.

We think leaders who are present and visible are an important element of any business. See the faces of our business here, see how they choose to lead and how they manage their work processes.

Episode 1. Finance

Managing Business Accounts

First off is our Group Accountant. Romero Insrance Broker’s experienced Group Accountant is the resident expert for managing client accounts, outgoing payments, and the finances of all our businesses. They wanted to talk to us about his best practices for managing business accounts and what they would expect to see when reviewing a business’s finances.

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Episode 2. Accounts

Growth and Talent

As the second in our Expert Insights Series at Romero Insurance Brokers, we sit down with our Accounts Manager at The Romero Group. Our Accounts Manager has been with Romero Insurance Brokers for seven years having recently been promoted to their role, from their previous position of Team Leader. A senior figure among managers at the Romero Group, they are responsible for managing the financial relationship between our clients. We talk about about how they approach handling a diverse team, managing members of varying experience levels, and their passion for growing and nurturing talent.

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Episode 3. Claims

Managing Claims Workflows

Third in our Expert Insights Series at Romero Insurance Brokers, we talk to Technical Claims Director, Stuart Dobbins. Stuart has been with The Romero Group for four years having recently been promoted from Technical Claims Manager to Director. He manages our most complex and high-value cases, and describes how his preferred method of management is to set an example and lead from the front.

See Episode 3

Episode 4. Success

Spotting and Tackling Underperformance

Fourth in our Insights Series, we talk to Simon Mabb, Group Managing Director of Romero Insurance Brokers. Simon has overseen the rise of Romero Insurance Brokers since joining in 2008, and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the business. The eyes and ears within the business, Simon is best placed to discuss management methods, the challenges of leadership and tackling underperformance.

See Episode 4

Episode 5. Motivation

KPIs and Keeping Motivation Levels High

Number five in our Insights Series is Sharon Elms, Claims Manager for Romero Insurance Brokers. Sharon has been with Romero for over ten years, she started as a claims handler, moving to a senior and now residing as the Claims department’s Manager. Leading from a management position for over five years, Sharon’s experience shines through when discussing employee engagement, motivation and her use of KPIs.

See Episode 5

Episode 6. Perspective

Challenges and Expectations of a Leader

Sixth on our Insights Series is Fiona McQuillan, Director of Sentient, Romero Insurance Brokers’ new business acquisition, who will be heading up the HR and Health and Safety offering. Fiona has been helping her team adapt to the acquisition and change in offices, as well as developing Sentient’s offering for the wider Romero Group. On the precipice of a huge rebrand, Fiona discusses the challenges that come with leadership and how she manages the expectations.

See Episode 6

Episode 7. Happiness

Happiness and the Growth Mindset

Seventh in our Insights Series is Andy Romero-Birkbeck, Founder and Director of We Are Wellbeing. We Are Wellbeing offer health and wellbeing services for businesses, helping them improve the welfare and outlook of staff. Andy has had a storied history in the wellbeing industry, and over time has built a business which offers a wide array of services for the good of employees and managers. Mid-way through a critical year of growth for the business, we sit down to discuss his management style and the importance of a positive mindset.

See Episode 7

Episode 8. Stability

Stability, Dependence and Continuity

Eighth in our Insights Series is Helen Tipping, Operations Manager for NDML and Club Insure. Helen has been with Club Insure since its formation, and the business’s exceptional growth parallels her own career path. Helen recounts for us the different roles she’s undertaken, the skills she’s honed and how she manages different people’s workstyles.

See Episode 8

Episode 9. Security

Humility, and Listening to Staff Member Suggestions

Ninth in our Insights Series is Mark Noble, IT Director for Romero Insurance Brokers. Mark manages the IT team who maintain the digital systems and physical servers across the Romero Group. With our recent conversion to EPIC Systems’ software, Mark has been having to put his nose to the grindstone, working long hours, drawing on all of his knowledge and expertise. Ever the optimist, Mark is the catalyst for his department’s particularly positive environment. We ask Mark some questions about his leadership traits and management techniques.

See Episode 9

Episode 10. Positivity

Positivity, and the responsibility of managers to set the tone.

Tenth in our Insights Series is Nicola Murphy. Nicola manages the Nottingham office team; overlooking workloads, checklists and work processes. A shining light for the office, Nicola performs a dual-role which is both professional and communal. Nicola discusses with us the differences when working within a small team, the key skills needed and how to tackle underperformance.

See Episode 10

Stay Tuned for more episodes

Episodes will be released through the year

We will be interviewing senior leadership, each from different departments, examining their managing styles and workflow processes. This exciting series wil hopefully prove to be informative for readers who run a business, manage within a business or want to learn more about developing their own management style.


At the Romero Group, we truly value our managers, as well as all our staff. It’s the experts we are lucky to have in the company that enables us to be the nations leading independent broker.

To read more from us, see here.

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