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How do Russian sanctions affect businesses?

Businesses need to be aware of UK sanctions relating to Russia and existing customers

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What is the new whiplash reform?

As of May 31st, legislation on soft tissue injuries will come into force.

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Legionnaires’ Disease – What it is and how could it affect you?

Take a look at what Legionnaires' disease is, how it can affect your business, and what you can do to prevent it.

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International Womens Day

Romero celebrates International Women’s Day

An imbalanced landscape  With International Women’s Day 2020 upon us, we took some time out to take stock of our business, industry and country as a whole.  With Leeds set to become the UK’s first ‘Women Friendly’ city, it’s a fitting time to look at how we’re performing, and how things can be improved around […]

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Romero celebrates World Mental Health Day

We're helping to raise awareness of World Mental Health Day, and raise money for Mind too!

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Why employee feedback is key to building a successful business.

It’s important to give your workforce a voice. That’s why we’re partnering with TINYpulse to provide a platform for gathering employee feedback.

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Terror Insurance Series: Part 1 – A guide to keeping your business safe

It’s easy to think that terrorism won’t affect us. To think of it as something that is only targeted at major cities and venues. But that’s not true.

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Avoiding Underinsurance: Assessing Business Interruption Needs

The next in our spotlight on under-insurance - how to make sure your business can keep going in the event of a claim.

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A day in the life with Existing Business

Another look behind the scenes. Today we're seeing what our client service team get up to each day!

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How to avoid under-insurance

The first installment looking at how to make sure you're properly protected should the worst happen.

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Digital transformation to support our five year strategic growth

An exciting announcement to support our five year strategic goals.

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