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Another look behind the scenes. Today we're seeing what our client service team get up to each day!

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A catch up with our award winning client service team.

This talented bunch are one facet of Romero that deliver our renowned exceptional customer service. This award winning team are on the front line, looking after our clients and keeping their policies working hard from them day by day.

We’ve caught up with Toni in the team, who’s given us an insight into what a day in our Existing Business team looks like:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday too. Each Day different, each day new.

This is a rhyme my daughter sings and I think it is very apt for the existing business department. You can plan your day as best you can, however each day is different and you just do not know what is going to occur which will require urgent attention.

As account handlers, our most important role is to look after our clients and make sure this is completed in a timely, friendly and helpful way.

I tend to start my day checking emails that may have been received the previous evening – which is often only a handful – and replying where required.  Then I would check my diary, which is in essence my ‘to do list’ for that day.

My diary can be made up of various different activities each with different levels of priority.  The things that may appear in my diary will include checking and issuing documentation to the client and chasing documentation from the insurers.

In addition to looking after our brilliant clients, we also build relationships with insurers. We need to ensure a good service is provided from them, as this can have an impact on the service to the client. This can be anything from late renewal terms or outstanding documentation.

Communication from clients and insurers can be received by either email or a telephone call. We pride ourselves on customer service so need to make sure both forms are answered quickly and efficiently. Our philosophy is a ringing phone should not go unanswered – so if the original recipient is busy or away from their desk it will be picked up or diverted to another member. The same with incoming emails – if an account handler is not in the office, emails will always be monitored so that we can always do the best for our clients.

With two screens in operation, we have our client management system on the left and our inbox on the right – this maximises our efficiency as you see emails as and when they are received. Making sure everyone in the office can multi task!

When we are not dealing with diaries or incoming queries, we are preparing for upcoming renewals. We receive our renewal lists 4 months in advance and the process starts with a general chat with the broker and account executive to work out a strategy. We then have to collate all the policy information including any amendments since last year and a claims report which forms part of our pre-renewal.

Following the account executive meeting with the client, we then have to process and renewal amendments and carry out any marketing exercises to insurers. We then create a renewal report for the account executive to deliver to the client. The final piece of the renewal jigsaw will be to renew the policy and invoice the client.

It is not all work work work in the existing business department though. We do have bouts of banter throughout the day and always have a good laugh!

It is a great team to be a part of and I enjoy coming to work every day.

Thanks for saying hi to our Existing Business team!

If you’d like to chat to us more about Romero, or how our fantastic teams can support you or your business, drop us a line and we’d love to catch up.

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