Kevin Sinfield’s Next Challenge

ROmero Kevin Sinfield OBE is set to pull on his running trainers again after launching his next challenge.

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Can you flood proof your business?

Whether you’re based in an area known for flooding or not, you should still start preparing for the ‘what ifs’.

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The Launch of the Insurance Influencer

The CII New Generation group have launched the Insurance Influencer campaign

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Get Ready for HSE Metalworking Inspections

From October 23rd, HSE will be inspecting metalworking fluids and machinery coolant

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Understanding Track Safety for Motorsport Businesses

The HSE has recently published findings on the competence of motorsport business owners and event organisers when putting on racetrack events. Their investigation, in conjunction with Fife council, noted a lack of awareness and understanding surrounding track safety. Therefore, they have published the following safety notice as well as action required. This article contains public […]

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The Romero Expert Insight Series

12 Interviews with 12 Experts

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Does my insurance cover an organised car event?

Car owners must know when and where they are covered, and the limitations of their insurance, to ensure they stay insured. Owners of specialised cars, vintage cars, and supercars often run into the roadblock of struggling to understand the limits of their cover, having to go through their insurance documents with a fine-tooth comb, only […]

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