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Are you responsible for multiple vehicles? Consider Fleet Insurance to help you stay on track.

Whether you own a haulage company or car sales business or collect classic cars for a hobby, if you own more than a couple of vehicles then Fleet Insurance may be beneficial.

Instead of juggling several different policies, your Fleet Insurance allows you to insure all your vehicles under one policy. This means you can easily keep track of renewal dates, vehicle changes and modifications, new drivers and any claims.

Choosing a broker to arrange your Fleet Insurance will save additional money, time and stress as they’ll manage the policy for you. Simply pass on key information to your broker (that’s us), and we’ll do all the hard work updating your insurers.

We’ll also try to help cut the cost of your Fleet Insurance. By offering advice on the best technology to invest in, how to maintain your vehicles and the most efficient ways to minimise accidents, we can help to bring your premiums down.

Here at Romero Insurance Brokers, we’ve even gone one step further to help our Fleet Insurance customers. Our Romero Claims App allows you to enter details of your accident or incident quickly and efficiently, immediately notifying our claims team. This super simple service allows you to pass your claim onto our dedicated team, who’ll handle it from start to finish.

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Are keyless vans risky?

Here are some tips to prevent keyless vehicle theft.

If you are really worried about the vulnerability the keyless system poses, then consider turning it off. Some vehicles offer the option to disable keyless entry and start via their infotainment system.

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Looking for a Green Card?

For our clients looking for a Green Card to drive in the EU, use the contact links below to request yours now

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