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Romero Insurance Brokers is the UK representative for Trust Risk Control, a global network we can access on your behalf. This allows us to work efficiently on an international scale.

About Trust Risk Control

Trust Risk Control  is an independent network operating in more than 170 countries. It acts as a coordinator and organiser for insurance brokers looking to implement global insurance programs for clients.

It is a global broker alliance and its network of insurers and brokers employ over 25,000 partners across 800 branch offices worldwide. All of whom are ready and available to work with us to insure international risk.

As part of the largest international insurance service networks, Romero Insurance Brokers is in the best possible position to insure international risk. We’re able to work efficiently with other brokers across the globe, strengthening our market position abroad.

With Brexit just around the corner and many businesses feeling mounting uncertainty, it’s important to work with a broker who has your back and can work effectively worldwide.

About Our Enhanced Services

There are several benefits of working with an internationally connected broker.  As a member of the Trust Risk Control, we can offer a range of services:

  • Select, engage and monitor Foreign Service partners
  • Coordinate international insurance programs
  • Place special coverages abroad including political risk, captive or contingency solutions
  • Up to date information and advice on international insurance markets
  • International risk management consulting

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All you need to know about Brexit and its implications on the insurance industry.

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