Directors’ & Officers’ Liability Insurance

Running a business comes with heightened responsibility. So you'll need to make sure you're protected.

Directors’ and Officers’ Liability cover is often known as Management Liability Insurance.

This type of insurance provides invaluable cover for individuals responsible for running a business. This includes Directors, Partners or Officers, who could be sued for any alleged wrongful acts while managing the business. This includes health and safety issues, defamation, negligence and more.

While many would assume an employee, contractor, customer or other individual liaising with a business may sue the company, they may instead sue an individual for personal wrongdoing.

If this happens, the individual must have Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance in place – the company’s own Liability policy will not cover claims made against individuals within the business. It’s therefore the individual’s financial responsibility to cover legal and defence costs, fines or settlements. Directors’ and Officers’ Liability cover protects the individual financially, so their personal assets will not be impacted.

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