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Don't let your business be an easy target.

Cyber attacks are on the rise. And they can cause businesses a great deal of damage. Every business, no matter its size, is a potential target for cyber crime and fraud. And, according to Identity Management Institute, 90% of cyber attacks are successfully executed. Business owners and managers must ensure they are aware of cyber threats that could impact their business and do all they can to mitigate these risks. However, you can never eliminate all risk and Cyber Insurance provides peace of mind that your business is covered financially if something goes wrong.

There are three pillars of cyber security...

  • People

This means human error, causing data breaches and cyber incidents. Remember that you’re only as strong as your least informed employee!

  • Process

Departments should follow documented procedures, ensuring systems and data are protected thoroughly.

  • Technology

External hardware and software will help to strengthen your business’s potential vulnerabilities and mitigate against cyber attacks.

A cyber criminal can target your business in several ways – and this type of crime is ever evolving. Don’t get caught out! Make sure you have the right insurance cover in place to protect you.

The difference between Cyber Attack and Cyber Crime Insurance

Cyber Attack Insurance will protect you for losses caused by business disruption brought about by network failures, privacy breaches or data loss. Cyber Crime Insurance relates to monetary loss due to malicious action from a hacker. This includes social engineering, where an employee is deceived or scammed into giving financial details or making payment to a fraudulent source.

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