Business Interruption Insurance

If your business has to stop trading unexpectedly, make sure you're financially supported with Business Interruption Insurance.

There are many things that could unexpectedly stop your business from trading. Fire, flood or theft could leave your premises unusable – but what about non-physical damage too? This includes internet outages, cyber attacks and much more.

If your business had to stop trading, how long could you stay afloat before falling into financial difficulty? Business Interruption Insurance is there to support you if something does go wrong and you’re unable to trade for a while. It gives you the financial backing to help get your business back up on its feet again.

According to the Building Cost Information Service, 40% of businesses don’t have enough Business Interruption cover. That’s why it’s important to work with a reputable broker who will ensure your business is protected. We’ll get to know your business, assess your risks and make sure your policy will provide the cover you need should the worst happen.

We understand that Business Interruption Insurance can be confusing, and Policy Wordings difficult to navigate. Don’t worry, we’re on your side.

How to assess your Business Interruption needs

Make sure your business can keep going in the event of a claim.

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