Buildings & Contents Insurance

Make sure you have comprehensive Buildings and Contents Insurance to keep your business and its belongings safe.

The majority of us will have Buildings and Contents Insurance to protect our home and belongings. This is just as important for businesses!

Your premises could be damaged by a fire, flood, theft, water damage and other unexpected incidents that you simply can’t prevent. With comprehensive Buildings Insurance, you’ll be able to start repair work straight away, so your doors won’t stay closed for too long.

Contents Insurance will cover you if your belongings or possessions are damaged or stolen. This includes fixtures and fittings, furniture, stock, machinery or electronic equipment. Basically, everything you need to keep your business going!

Ask yourself this: if your business couldn’t access its premises or the equipment it needs to keep running and didn’t have the finance to repair or replace… what next?

Our expert insurance brokers will get to know your business and its risks. We’ll make sure you’re comprehensively covered so you won’t be left underinsured.

We’ll help you to mitigate risk, but we’ll also be there for you if things go wrong and you need to make a claim. It’s our job to stand by our customers, and we’re proud to do so.

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